BBC: Extreme Pilgrim – Ascetic Christianity


Featuring Fr. Lazarus Saint Anthony.

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  2. Posted by someone, at Reply

    Great!! Amazing video!!

  3. Posted by AmazedCopt, at Reply

    Wow, what a powerful documentary! God Bless all those who took part in it. You can really see peace and joy in Fr. Lazarus’ face. His words were very moving, I hope they stay with all those who have watched this.

  4. Posted by Habesha from Eritrea, at Reply

    Thanks for this beautiful footage. Power to my Coptic brothers and sistyer. May God bless you. Your pain as well as your joy is ours.

  5. Posted by inspired, at Reply

    Are there any books or articles about Fr. Lazarus?

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  7. Posted by Cristina, at Reply

    THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL POWERFUL TESTIMONY…. I LOVED IT… it is marvelous to “SEE” what I read and what I would like to do… It gave a big push to walk towards Our Lord Jesus Christ. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH.

  8. Posted by Kimo, at Reply


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  11. Posted by denis, at Reply

    A lot better than I thought it would be. i wonder what Fr Peter is up to now Jan 2012. ?