What are your virtues?

One day, while St. Antony was sitting with a certain Abba, a virgin came up and said to the Elder: ‘Abba, I fast six days of the week and I repeat by heart portions of the Old and New Testament daily.

To which the Elder replied: ‘Does poverty mean the same to you as abundance?’ ‘No’, she answered. ‘Or dishonour the same as praise?’ ‘No, Abba.’ ‘Are your enemies the same for you as your friends?’ ‘No’, she replied.

At that the wise Elder said to her: ‘Go, get to work; you have accomplished nothing.’

A prayer..

I pray Thee, compassionate Lord, do not allow me to be condemned
because of the unworthy and ungrateful manner in which I
contemplate the great mysteries that Thou hast revealed to Thy
saints and through them to me, a sinner and Thy unworthy servant.
For see, Lord, Thy servant stands before Thee, idle in everything,
speechless, as one who is dead; and I do not dare to say anything
more or to presumptuously contemplate further. But as always I
fall down before Thee, crying from the depths of my soul. .