Contemplation on the 11th hour of Great Thursday (1)

"One of you will betray me"

Did Judas also fall from the apostolic order in which he too, being once in a condition similar to the other disciples, was exalted?

This is how I understand the statement, "Behold Adam has become of us," (Gen. 3:22), since it is said there, neither "as we,"  nor "as I," but because of the one who had fallen from blessedness,"as one of us." [And the phrase],"as on" seems to me to agree also with the statement, "But you indeed die as men, and fall like one of the princes." (Ps. 81:7)

For of the many who are princes, one has fallen, with whom sinners fall in close imitation of his fall. For just as that one who partook of deity has fallen, so too have those to whom the Word says, "I have said, you are gods and all sons of the Most High," (Ps. 81:6) fallen from blessedness and, although they were not originally men, they die as men, and fall as one of the princes. 


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