The Feast of the Cross

Why do we need a relationship with the Cross?

1. Protection

2. Reminder of Salvation

3. Witness for our fellowship

4. Our Identity

5. True symbol of Love

6. Our gate to heaven


8. Remembrance of all Jesus did for us

9.  Carrying our cross

10.  Blessings of the New Testament

11. Excorcism

12. Strength in tribulation

13. Treatment for the sinner

14.  To control evil desires/habits

15. Prayer

16. Make the sign of the cross before every action; even answering the phone

We are called to be crucified and not only partake of the power of the Cross.

Crucified to the "world" (Galations 6:14); meaning of the "world": geographic, people, bad desires

Is the world alive in my eyes?

If it is; then I am affected by it; tempted, moved by small things.  If the world is truly crucified in my eyes. It's dead, not is appealilng in it in my eyes.  Voluntary death: choosing to have a spiritual life. Involuntary death: succumbing to our bodies; therefore having eternal death.  The Cross is the key to the Resurrection.
The Christian life is the life of Resurrection; you can't have the Resurrection with the Cross.

Galations 5:24: "And those who are Christ's have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires."

Crucify your mind while reading the Bible.  Your faith satisfies your mind (gives you peace of mind) but your mind can not strengthen your your faith.

Crucify your eyes when you are tempted by lust.

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