On The Subject of Discernment

One of the Fathers said, “If a hard-working monk lives in a place where there are no other hard-working monks, he cannot make progress: he can only struggle so as not to get worse; but if a lazy monk dwells with hard-working monks, he makes progress if he is vigilant, and if not he does not get any worse.”

One thought on “On The Subject of Discernment”

  1. One of countless patristic gems of spirituality and advice! This piece is very appropiate for me. I’ve been very lazy to pray, go to Liturgy and read the Scriptures. Our home is supposed to be a mini-church. My poor wife is trying soooo hard not to fall into the same spiritual rut. She wants to go to our Church for Divine Liturgy, she wants to pray as a couple and desires to read Scripture but my bad example has at times dampened her spirit. I will take this advice from the desert seriously. Please pray for us. Thank you.

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