One For All

For one lamb died for all, bringing the whole flock on earth back safely to God the Father; one for all, that He might bring all under subjection to God, one for all, that He may gain them all; “that for the future they might all no longer live for themselves, but for him who died and rose for them. For when we were guilty of many sins, and for that reason were liable to death and destruction, the Father gave a ransom for us, one for all, since all things are in Him, and He is greater than all. One died for all, Death devoured the Lamb on behalf of all, and then vomited all in him, and with him. For we were all in Christ, who died and rose again on our account, and on our behalf. And when sin has been annihilated, then death, of which sin is the source and cause, must needs be annihilated too.

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